5 Reasons to Choose Signicast for Your Next Metal Castings

Why wait many weeks to launch a new part? With Signicast's production-ready tooling, you'll get your new products to market in as as little as 14 DAYS and your throughputs in just 4.3 days with Signicast's proprietary technology. Go anywhere else and those lead times jump to 8-16 weeks.

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In today's fluctuating market, it's almost impossible to keep inventories low... unless you're working with Signicast. Get an on-time delivery rate of almost 100% with Signicast's unique 56 work-in-progress inventory turns annually. Plus, with our Just-In-Time delivery, we can respond rapidly to an engineering change for an existing part or a new product launch.

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Our quality is second to none. We’ll deliver your products to the highest quality standards, on-time resulting in the lowest total cost. When it comes to your engineering components, you can’t always trust your reputation to the supplier with the lowest piece price.

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Signicast’s state-of-the-art production facilities provide you with unrivaled process control, repeatability, and reliability. To ensure your needs are met, Signicast has a dedicated team of 25 award-winning engineers work with you every step of the way. They'll provide you with the technical assistance and sound design that results in lowest overall cost and component design excellence.

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We have built our company to be vertically integrated, so processes are not outsourced to vendors unknown to you. We offer you in-house tooling, heat treat, assembly, machining, powder coat painting, and other finishing services at unprecedented lead times. In short, we like to finish what we start at faster speeds than anyone else.

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  1. 1

    Unprecedented Lead-Times
    for New Product Launches

  2. 2

    True Just-in-TIme Delivery
    – Every Time

  3. 3

    The Highest Level of Quality

  4. 4

    Technologically Advanced
    Processes and People

  5. 5

    Finishing What We Start

Made Better, Faster, Smarter, In America

Signicast is the world leading provider of precision Investment Castings. As the largest, most technically advanced provider our plants have the flexibility to meet all of your complete component needs.